Frequently Asked Questions

Our F.A.Q. is designed to help clients find answers to our most common questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please contact us. Our Office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Psychotherapy is talk-based therapy between a client and a regulated mental health professional. In Ontario, there are four designations of mental health professionals that can provide psychotherapy sessions. They include Registered Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. Psychotherapy is currently regulated in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and the rules and regulations will vary by province. Psychotherapy can be offered in individual therapy sessions, couple therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and group therapy sessions. To learn more about psychotherapy and the differences between Psychotherapist vs Psychologist vs Psychiatrist vs Social Worker click here.

A Registered Psychotherapist refers to an individual who has been specifically trained to provide psychotherapy and are licensed and regulated by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). To learn more about psychotherapists and what Registered Psychotherapists do click here.

Online therapy is easier and more convenient than meeting in person. All you need is a strong internet connection and a phone, computer, or tablet. Follow these 4 easy steps and you can have your first session today.

Step 1 – Select Your Therapist. You can view our therapist profiles here 

Step 2 – Schedule Your Appointment. Book an appointment on your selected therapists’ calendar

Step 3 – Create Your Secure Account. Your account will give you access to your video therapy sessions, invoices, and scheduling follow-up sessions

Step 4 – Start Therapy. On the date of your appointment login to your account at the appropriate time and start therapy, it’s that easy!

Don't want to book online? Call us at (437) 922-8811

Many people enjoy online therapy sessions, but it might not be the right fit for you. You know yourself best. If you are the type of person who needs to be in a face-to-face setting, sitting across the room from a therapist to be able to express yourself, you will want to seek in-person therapy. If you are on the fence about online therapy, try a session and see how it feels.

Online therapy is easy and accessible with many benefits:

Convenience – your life is busy, save time and eliminate the hassle of commuting to appointments and sitting in waiting rooms. Therapy is only a click away.

Comfort – therapy can be difficult and emotionally taxing. You can now have your therapy session from the comfort of your own home.

Privacy and Security – we understand the importance of your privacy, especially when using online platforms. Rest assured that your therapy sessions and data is held by secure encrypted platforms that exceed PHIPA and PIPEDA health care compliance.

Book your first online therapy session today

Once you have selected a therapist you can view their availability by accessing that therapists’ calendar. If you are having any problems just give us a call at (437)-(922-8811) and we can schedule your appointment.

We understand that selecting the right therapist is a big decision. Every therapist at Psychotherapy Collective offers a free 15-minute phone consultation, should you need it, to ensure you find the right fit. You can book your free consultation

If your smartphone or tablet can support video calls from providers like Zoom or Skype you won’t have a problem. We use the Jane App telehealth platform for our video sessions since Jane was built for healthcare and ensures the privacy and security of your personal information.

Yes we do. We offer both video therapy sessions and phone therapy sessions.

Yes, Psychotherapy Collective offers online psychotherapy sessions from Registered Psychotherapists across the province of Ontario. We offer individual therapy, couple therapy, child therapy (see the Child & Family therapy page), and family therapy.

We hope to very soon. Unfortunately, due to the current regulatory landscape we are only offering online therapy sessions in Ontario at this time. Our goal is to be operating from coast to coast in Canada as soon as possible.

A 50 minute therapy session is $150+ HST

Yes, but we always recommend that you check with your insurance policy to make sure your third party coverage includes our services. Check to see if your policy covers “Registered Psychotherapist” also known as RP’s. It could also fall under the designation of “Psychotherapy”, “Counselling”, “Mental Health” or even “Marriage Counselling”. Most policies cover one of the aforementioned designations.

At the moment we do not. We are hoping to change this in the future but until that time you will have to submit your receipts for reimbursement. After you have completed a therapy session you will automatically be sent a receipt which will be stored in your account and a copy will also be sent to your email.

We prefer eTransfers (email transfer - EMT) and also accept major credit cards.

We require 48 hours notice for all cancelled or rescheduled sessions. Without proper notice you will be charged for your appointment.  If you need to change your appointment please call us or send us an email.

In the event of an emergency or crisis, Psychotherapy Collective reserves the right to waive the cancellation fee on a case by case basis.

Our hourly sessions last a total of 50 minutes. You can also book 1.5 hour sessions (75 total minutes) if you feel more time is needed. Prior to your first session be sure to complete your assessment form and submit your consent forms, this will allow your therapist to be prepared and will not take away from your session time.

Every individual’s journey and goals are different and so the amount of time required to achieve those can vary. The complexity of your goals and objectives in therapy in addition to the severity of the issues you are working on will factor into the number of sessions that might be needed. Our best answer is to say that you should continue to seek therapy as long as you and your therapist feel there is a need and that you feel therapy is having a positive impact in your life.

Psychotherapy Collective offers online couple therapy sessions from Registered Psychotherapists to Ontario residents. For more details regarding online couple therapy and to find a couple therapist visit our Couple Therapy page.

Psychotherapy Collective offers online family therapy sessions from Registered Psychotherapists to Ontario residents. For more details regarding online family therapy and to find a family therapist visit our Family Therapy page.

Unfortunately we do not work directly with children under age 6 as we find it helpful to instead provide parent/caregiver sessions only.

For children ages 6-11, our preference is to have a phone consultation with the parent/caregiver before starting therapy. In gaining a better understanding of presenting concerns, custody agreement (if applicable) Family and Child Services involvement (if applicable), the therapist will determine how to proceed with the structure of sessions. This may consist of parent/caregiver sessions, family sessions, individual sessions with the child, or a combination of the three. For more information visit our Child & Family Therapy page.

By age 12, children are technically able to consent to their own therapy services as long as they have the ‘capacity’. For children 12 and above visit our Youth Therapy page for additional information.

Yes, Psychotherapy Collective offers online therapy sessions for teenagers/youth. To find a therapist for teenagers view our youth therapy page.

All our therapy offerings are virtual, either online video sessions or phone sessions. One of our goals at Psychotherapy Collective is to provide access to great therapists throughout Ontario. Not convinced? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a therapist to see for yourself.

Yes, online therapy is a substitute for in-person therapy. One reason our clinic is completely virtual is due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from clients. Many individuals seeking therapy prefer having online sessions, yet there are clients who prefer in-person sessions. Online therapy provides more freedom and flexibility in scheduling appointments and allows you the opportunity to experience therapy from the comfort of your home or office which can be comforting. If you are undecided if online therapy is right for you, schedule a free 15-minute consultation to try it yourself.

Your safety and security are our greatest priority and we are PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant. Psychotherapy Collective clients have their online therapy sessions through the Jane App, our 3rd party telehealth platform. That same encrypted platform is used to store all of your private health information to ensure it is secure. For full details view our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before starting your first session.

Our privacy officer can be reached at

Visit the Is Psychotherapy Right for Me page to get a more in depth description of psychotherapy and the varying mental health practitioners.

Couple therapy is talk-therapy aimed to explore couple dynamics and relationship issues to help couples work together and overcome difficulties they are facing. Often, individuals seek therapy for relationship issues, that is not couple therapy. Couple therapy sessions involve both members of the couple. At Psychotherapy Collective our Registered Psychotherapists offer online couple therapy sessions where our therapists work with couples to create connection through open communication, shared understanding and deepened intimacy.

Child therapy refers to therapy sessions between a therapist and a child. If you are looking for a child assessment or diagnosis you should seek out a psychologist or a psychiatrist. For more information you can view the differences between psychotherapist vs psychologist here. At Psychotherapy Collective, our therapists are all Registered Psychotherapists. Since children are highly impacted by family dynamics, we believe the most effective way to work with children is within the context of family therapy. With children aged 6-11, this often involves a combination of parent/caregiver-focused sessions, family sessions and potentially individual sessions. For youth aged 12-18, while our preference is to involve family/parents we realize the importance of the transition of adolescence and offer individual sessions and family sessions for teens. For more information view our therapy for teenager’s page.

Family therapy is talk-therapy aimed at exploring family dynamics to resolve and/or overcome any current or historical family challenges while ensuring the well-being of each individual family member. At Psychotherapy Collective, our Registered Psychotherapists seek to balance the needs and perspectives of each family member by understanding the internal family dynamics, external influencers, life transitions, and communication patterns that are preventing the family from overcoming difficulty. Each family possesses the strength and resources to facilitate change and our therapists seek to facilitate effective communication for change within the family unit.

A common question we hear from parents is ‘can therapy help a depressed teenager’? Therapy can be beneficial to anyone experiencing depression. As we have all experienced, the transition of adolescence creates uncertainty, pressure, and several new challenges. Therapy can help a depressed teenager draw upon their strengths to build resilience as they face challenges.

All of our therapists are registered psychotherapists or registered psychotherapists (qualifying) with the CRPO. They have all completed a masters degree recognized by the CRPO and have undergone rigorous training within the areas of focus in which they support clients. If you are a psychotherapist in a different province and would like to be a part of Psychotherapy Collective please contact us to discuss further.

Psychotherapy Collective is always looking to hire great therapists practicing in Canada. Visit our Careers page (Careers Page) for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.